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Jun 21

After reading several edublogs it has made me rethink the need for blogging. I have come to recognize that blogging is a way to easily share information with other professionals. A place to share ideas that have worked or ideas that failed. A place help spread inspiration for those days that we need it most.  It is also a place that can be used to help build self esteem of our students. I think blogging may have more importance then we realize in today’s web 2.0 world. It is today’s journaling and can be used in any format that makes the author feel comfortable at sharing information.

As a person, who does not enjoy journaling aspect of it I could use it in more teachable framework. However, I have enjoyed reading others words of wisdom. I think the blog that really help me realize it is in’t about the grammatical portion of blogging but the words of thoughts was Connected Principal . (Look I did it…I made a link back!) So, I see where blogging is important step into this web 2.0 but I do not think it is the end all be all!

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  1. emilyauerswald
    6:51 pm - 6-28-2013

    I can also see some valuable educational opportunities in blogging (Here is my own blog post on the topic). I wonder, though, about the sheer volume of information being blogged. Putting my librarian hat on, I have to wonder if it is worth sending students out into the blogosphere, where they would need to vet everything (and we know how good they are at that, amiright?) or is it better to keep them reined in to a controlled, class-based blog?

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